How Long Is Too Long In A Baby Swing

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Hi Annie,  My question is how long is too long in a baby swing?  We have a 3.5 month old baby girl who is content in a baby swing while we eat or make supper. She is also in the swing on occasion during the day while my wife makes lunch, etc.However, my wife said that today our little girl slept for more than 2 hours in the swing with the swing in motion. Isn’t that a long time for a baby to be constantly in motion?  Thanks Sandy

Hi Sandy,
how long can a baby be in a swingThanks for writing in to me.  I’m always amazed at the diversity of the questions I get.  It’s amazing how many seemingly simple questions that really aren’t, pop up during the course of being a a parent which is why, my parent support service is so helpful.  My feelings on this matter are that baby swings are certainly very helpful for those times when you want to make dinner or sit and eat a hot meal for a change etc. In terms of a time limit, I’m not aware of any limit on the motion end of things but then small babies are not my specialty, so I would urge you to contact your health care provider for that information.

There is too much of a good thing

However, from a future behaviour standpoint my advice would be not to let her get too used to it. Like anything you can always have too much of a good thing and if it’s used for naps or getting her to sleep it’s use could have unintended consequences. Motion could become so important to her sleep routine that she’ll have difficulty nodding off without it. That could set you up for nights of driving around the block once she’s the size that the swing is no longer viable. Not my idea of a great night’s sleep!

All things are great in moderation and there’s no doubt at this time of her life that the swing is a useful resource. I would just make sure it’s use is balanced by allowing her to go to bed awake and fall asleep on her own. For more help with your parenting, please visit my parenting services page.

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