Review of Annie the Nanny by Chris (Calgary)

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Annie, you are a star in my books!

We have only one child whom we love dearly and have spoiled mercilessly. I love giving gifts and have given her so many things under the guise of pleasing her, when in reality it was something that was not good for her but gave ME pleasure. She is a great kid but needed some fine tuning such as learning to appreciate the littler things in life.  So we asked Annie to come to our home for a day of observation. So many times on the Nanny shows on television, people ask for help, but when the Nanny gets there, they are offended by her trying to step in and help. So if you truly want help, you must accept it and be willing to make the necessary changes, regardless of how awkward it feels, for sake of your child. We were ready for change and knew it was up to us to do it for the f our child’s well being. I thought my Husband and I were pretty much on the same page but found out we were undermining each other a fair bit, not to mention routine in our family wasn’t that routine. With some feedback for both of us (it wasn’t always easy to hear) and some hard work on our part we were able to turn things around. An example is…..we thought my daughter had the metabolism of her Daddy, not requiring as much sleep as others, and getting her to bed early just didn’t seem like an option. We found out there is a window of opportunity to get your kids in bed. If you pass that up, they will be up for hours more. I hear many people say, my kid is different. I was one of them. Guess what? They aren’t! Don’t believe it? Try it, you’ll be shocked. One more thing, stop giving your kids so much stuff! How can they appreciate the little things when they don’t have to gain the self esteem for earning it or part of it?

MORAL OF THE STORY: Routine + Working together= HAPPY FAMILY!

Annie, you are a star in my books!

Chris (Calgary)

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