Rhianna & Russell (Calgary)

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I didn't feel silly or intimidated in the slightest..

As a family of 6, there was little sanity in our house. With our 3 youngest children running the show, very little discipline, potty issues, eating issues, sleep issues we had come to the end of our ropes. I decided it was time to make a change. I did a little research and came across Annie.

I made the call and left a message. She immediately called me back. I was comforted by her voice and even in the first conversation; she was helping me see the light.

A few days later we had our phone consultation. It lasted nearly 3 hours. We talked about every issue we had with the children. Even down to the littlest problems. I didn’t feel silly or intimidated in the slightest. She made me feel that what we were going through was normal and a lot of other parents go thru it as well.

Her Notes were to follow via email. They were like reading a book from a bookstore about parenting, only it was about my family. Everything we talked about was clearly written out. All of the actions and reactions and how to handle situations…I still to this day reference back to them.

It’s been some time now and my house finally feels settled. My kids now know who is in control, my daughter sleeps thru the night, dinner isn’t such a struggle and I enjoy being a mom again. Oh and If I do have a question or a problem arises, Annie responds ASAP!

I truly feel that Annie has a gift, and her love for what she does really shows. She helped me realize a ton about myself and my family, and for that I am truly grateful….It’s really tough being a mom, especially when you are really outnumbered. So Thank You So Much Annie!

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