Brian (Calgary)

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Annie knows how to tackle any problem area...

On behalf of my family and I, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Annie the Nanny.  Annie has been a great help in providing us with methods to handle our two boys (aged 4 & 6) and the various issues that have come up over the years.

We have taken a group class as well as private consultations with Annie and always learn many things from her.  Parenting is stressful and there are so many parenting books and teachers and friends that want to give you advice, it’s hard to know who to follow.  My suggestion is discard the others and listen to Annie the Nanny.

Our family, friends and teachers suggested to us that we may have a “Highly Sensitive Child.”  However, we listened to Annie and decided against having our child diagnosed as too often people are quick to diagnose what can often be normal kid behaviours.  After taking Annie’s advice and implementing her strategies, our oldest son is now doing very well in school and we have none of the concerns that were a problem before.

Annie knows how to tackle any problem area, be it mealtime, bedtime, aggressive behaviour, or a child that just won’t listen.

It has been our great pleasure to have Annie work with us and provide advice when we really needed it.  Thanks Annie!

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