Jill (Calgary)

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I'm so glad I did this before it was too late.

Before meeting Annie, life at home was chaotic and unhappy. Since our meeting, we learned where we were going off track and what needed to change.  If you can stick it out through the initial tantrums when you don’t cave in, the results are immediate.  One night being firm at dinner has turned into children that run to the table when they are called.  One monumental meltdown that went completely ignored has resulted in a children that are generally happier people.  We’ve also added purpose to our kids lives that we didn’t even know was missing.  Doing jobs around the house before play time isn’t only helpful, its proven to be essential to their happiness which was a big win for everyone.  Best of all my husband and I are finally on the same page with parenting.  No more debates. I’m just so glad I did this before it was too late.  Thanks Annie.

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