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 Annie the Nanny (or Anna, as she’s also known) is a professional Child Care and Family Intervention Therapist.  She has worked with hundreds of families both in person and online to deal with children´s problematic behaviour and help restore peace and happiness to the family.  To receive  professional family support  services from Annie please visit her Services Page.  See what Annie’s clients have to say about her below.



What Annie´s Clients Have To Say:

Our Skype session was very successful and easy!

My husband and I were struggling with behavioural and sleep issues we were having with our four year old son.  We found out about Annie and her services over the internet.  We were not able to meet Annie in person to help with our situation, so she suggested we consulted with her by Skype.  We(...)

Annie the Nanny Review by Teresa (Saskatchewan)
Annie knows how to tackle any problem area...

On behalf of my family and I, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Annie the Nanny.  Annie has been a great help in providing us with methods to handle our two boys (aged 4 & 6) and the various issues that have come up over the years.

We have taken a group class as well as private(...)

Brian (Calgary)
We are living in a much happier household...

We followed your plan and have seen amazing results. We are living in a much happier household and we can’t thank you enough for your help and expertise! We have had several people notice the change and we don’t shy away from passing your name on to friends and family. Thank you again so much(...)

Megan (Calgary)
Thank you so much for all your help!

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help! My life now has peace & cooperation with my little pot with ears. Supper time is peaceful, no more arguments. We try new foods. I have stopped asking so many silly questions & just let W know what we're going to do and how much fun it's(...)

Christine (Innisfail)
Today I'm a much more confident mom!

When my son was behaving poorly and wreaking havoc I found Annie The Nanny!  Not only did she help me to realize that it's me but she was gentle in her direction, firm in her teaching. Today, I'm a much more confident mom and my son's Halo is shining again.

Thanks Annie the Nanny for being(...)

Angela (Barbados)
I didn't feel silly or intimidated in the slightest..

As a family of 6, there was little sanity in our house. With our 3 youngest children running the show, very little discipline, potty issues, eating issues, sleep issues we had come to the end of our ropes. I decided it was time to make a change. I did a little research and came across Annie.

Rhianna & Russell (Calgary)
I'm so glad I did this before it was too late.

Before meeting Annie, life at home was chaotic and unhappy. Since our meeting, we learned where we were going off track and what needed to change.  If you can stick it out through the initial tantrums when you don't cave in, the results are immediate.  One night being firm at dinner has turned(...)

Jill (Calgary)
I would recommend her to anyone!

Annie the Nanny really helped me with a couple of problems I was having with my son. The advice she gave me fixed a lot of things. He now goes to bed a lot better, eats better, and I've learned giving him more attention really helps his behavior. I would recommend her to anyone!"

Crystal (Cochrane)
Thanks Annie for giving me my happy loving little boy back!

When Annie the Nanny came into our lives, my son (who is 3yrs old) and I were at complete odds. He would hit, kick, yell and scream at me and getting him to sit in the time out was not easy. Bedtime was also another battle that I was usually not up for to say the least. Annie was able to guide(...)

Michelle (Calgary)
It was very reassuring to us to have Annie as a resource..

I still remember the call from my wife one weekday afternoon. “Honey” she says, I’d like to invite over a lady who specializes in working with families who have small out of control monsters.  She is coming by tonight so don’t be late!”  And that’s how the biggest change in our parenting(...)

Kourosh and Leanne (Calgary)
Annie, you are a star in my books!

We have only one child whom we love dearly and have spoiled mercilessly. I love giving gifts and have given her so many things under the guise of pleasing her, when in reality it was something that was not good for her but gave ME pleasure. She is a great kid but needed some fine tuning such(...)

Review of Annie the Nanny by Chris (Calgary)
My son is a much happier boy..

My son is a much happier boy and even things like teeth cleaning and getting dressed are a joy rather than a struggle now. Even our nanny has told us how different his behaviour is. So a big thank you to you!

Rachel (Calgary)
You're a great comfort to frazzled parents!

Annie...You're a wonderful, calm and confident mentor, a great comfort to frazzled parents!

I just wanted to thank you so much again for your assistance. It was and is such a comfort to know that you are there to support the parents out there desperately looking for the "instruction manual"(...)

Janet (Calgary)
We noticed an immediate change in the household after implementing her plan..

With 2 children running the show in our house and and a third on the way, we were at the end of our rope and gave Annie a call. Annie sat with us while we reviewed all of our struggles and she patiently listened and broke all of our issues down to a few simple problems. She gave us a plan and(...)

Sarah (Calgary)
Without knowing her, I trusted her immediately...

I first contacted Annie when my son Omar was almost 6 months old.  By that time I was in desperate need of sleep.  My son's schedule was all over and I couldn't get him to sleep longer than 3 hours at night.  I had read many books and tried many things but nothing seemed to work. I decided to(...)

Martha (Calgary)
Someone who can guide you with techniques that work!

We just finished a few days with Annie the Nanny. What a great experience to have someone who can guide you with techniques that work!  Thanks Annie!!

Nadia (Calgary)
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