Parenting Support Services

Welcome to Annie’s parenting services page. Being a parent comes with a lot of natural ups and downs. There are moments and days when your spirit soars and others when you feel you can barely cope with yet another tantrum. Anyone who is a parent has felt those highs and lows, and no one understands that more than Annie.

If you’re struggling with challenging behaviours on the part of your children, like temper tantrums, picky eating, sleeping issues, or aggressive behaviours, Annie can give you the confidence and support to not only get through those moments but to feel like you can handle anything! She will show you how to stop these types of behaviours by parenting in a way that will give you confidence in your abilities and make your children happier. No matter what kind of parenting services you need or whether you need a lot of help or simply have a few parenting questions, Annie can give you comprehensive, private, and confidential help that will change your life for the better.  You can see a video on her testimonial page that shows parents just like you who’ve taken the leap to work with her and feel a whole lot better for having done so.  

Behaviour Intervention Service

Annie’s parenting services include comprehensive support that helps you put a stop to challenging behaviour and is designed for families who are dealing with multiple behaviour issues, such as temper tantrums, aggressive behaviours, playschool or school behaviour issues, chronic potty problems, sleeping issues, and picky eating. The service is primarily designed for parents whose children are under 10 years old and includes a full 2- to 3-hour consultation with Annie, and a personal parenting plan to help you succeed. Please visit, the behaviour intervention page for more information.

Parenting Support Service

If you’re looking for parenting services that can help you deal specific issues, this counselling service is designed for ongoing family support and to assist parents in navigating all of the normal yet challenging issues that arise during the course of being a parent. Perhaps a child starts exhibiting a new behaviour for which you would like input, such as a toddler who starts hitting or biting or a four-year-old who is starting to consistently lie. Maybe a report card or call from the teacher has you concerned. Whatever the issue, Annie will walk through it with you, offering you support and helping you formulate a plan of action to solve it. Annie’s parenting support services can be tailored around your needs for support when you need it. For more information, please visit Annie’s parenting support services page.

Small Group Parenting Support Sessions by Skype Group Chat

Getting together with a group of parents (ideally, 2–3 couples or equivalent single parents) is a very affordable way to access Annie the Nanny’s services, as her costs are divided by the number of participants. The group chat lasts 2–3 hours and has plenty of time to work around the questions of the parents involved. These are small, personal seminars that are tailored to the needs of each individual group. Annie determines the topics of interest to that particular group and will help participants with their individual parenting questions. Participants of these group chats generally get together as groups of friends, which fosters a lovely “we’re all in the same boat together” feeling of support. Please visit Annie’s seminar page for more information.

Parenting Services: Seminars for Larger Groups or Business

As part of a comprehensive package of parenting help services, parenting seminars are designed for community groups, preschool and school groups, as well as businesses. Whether offered as part of a company support package to both retain and value staff or for an interested community group or school, these seminars are done in person. They are lively and full of important information on how to stop challenging behaviour in children. They consistently described it as “wonderful, full of amazing tips,” and “so entertaining.” Accessing Annie’s parenting services is easy.  For more information and a list of what topics are covered in a seminar, as well as Annie’s ability to travel, please visit Annie’s seminar page.


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