Unlock Your Family Happiness With Annie the Nanny's Online Parenting Advice Support ServicesWelcome to Annie’s Online Parenting Advice Services, where you can find expert guidance on effective behaviour intervention for parents. Annie offers her support in an online format, ensuring your convenience and privacy.

Before we delve into the specifics, we encourage you to explore the testimonial video on the main page. These testimonials are genuine accounts from individuals who have had the opportunity to benefit from Annie’s expertise.

Annie’s services encompass two distinctive options:

Online Parenting Advice: Behaviour Intervention Service

Annie’s Behaviour Intervention Service is a comprehensive and personalized solution tailored to your unique parenting needs. It is a discreet and non-judgmental platform that fosters a positive and even enjoyable experience. Annie’s objective is to empower you with the confidence to address and resolve common parenting challenges, such as temper tantrums, sibling conflicts, biting, picky eating, sleep disturbances, and more. To gain further insight into this effective online parenting advice, please refer to the Behaviour Intervention Service FAQ below.

Online Parenting Advice: Parenting Support Services

Parenting is an unparalleled journey, with moments of exhilaration and occasional challenges. It’s normal to experience a range of emotions, from pride in your child’s achievements to moments of uncertainty when faced with behavioural issues or academic struggles. Annie’s online parenting support and guidance is designed to offer you consistent and reliable support in the form of pre-purchased hours, available for your use when you need them. Purchased time provides an anchor of assistance during times of parenting turmoil, ensuring you have a reliable resource to turn to. For additional details about this online parenting advice and support service, please refer to the FAQ section below.

To get help with your family, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Behavioural Intervention – FAQ

What’s included in Annie’s Behaviour Intervention Service?

Annie’s approach offers comprehensive guidance, equipping you with both practical solutions and the foundational knowledge to effectively address challenging behaviors, including picky eating, tantrums, sleep disturbances, and more. Moreover, she will impart the essential strategies to prevent these issues from recurring, thereby fostering a harmonious family environment.

Our service is meticulously designed to not only provide immediate solutions but also to empower you to discover and nurture your inherent confidence as a parent. It is an investment in your future as a caregiver, a one-time opportunity to acquire knowledge that will grant you lasting confidence in your parenting journey. Learn once, and be assured in your confidence and capabilities for a lifetime.

How does the process work?

Delivering online parenting advice and guidance via platforms such as Skype or FaceTime offers the unique advantage of bringing Annie directly into your home, regardless of your geographical location.

The initial phase of the intervention involves a comprehensive interview and consultation with you, the parent(s), or caregiver of the child. This in-depth session typically spans 2 to 3 hours, during which parents consistently report a sense of relaxation and enlightenment and even fun, believe it or not. The process is characterized by a non-judgmental, comforting, and supportive atmosphere. Annie’s primary objective during this phase is to gain a holistic understanding of your family dynamics, enabling her to provide practical solutions to address the challenging behaviours you’ve been contending with.

Within 48 hours following the interview and consultation, you will receive a meticulously crafted parenting plan, tailored specifically to your circumstances. This plan serves as a comprehensive guide, reiterating the strategies required to eliminate your child’s challenging behaviours and restore peace and contentment to your household.

The ultimate outcome of this process is an enhanced sense of control over your life and a deepened familial contentment. Annie’s solutions are designed for the long term, fostering enduring and positive connections between you and your children.

How much do Annie’s online parenting support services cost?

The full behaviour intervention service, including the 2 to 3 hour interview/consultation and personal parenting plan, costs $599.00, which can be paid via Paypal. Annie does offer a payment plan with this service if you’d find that helpful. In that case, the amount is simply split into four payments with no interest charged.

What’s the next step in getting Annie’s online parenting services support?

In order to get a behavioural intervention with Annie the Nanny, please fill out the form below. Annie will receive this form and respond to you via your preferred method of communication within 48 hours. At that time, you can set up an appointment with Annie in person.  If you’d like to purchase support hours, just contact Annie through the form below.

I need help now!  How Soon Can I Meet With Annie?

This depends on how many other clients Annie is seeing at the time you book. If your request for the intervention is urgent, please let Annie know in the form below, and she will respond to you as soon as possible. Annie does online parenting advice consultations at varying hours depending on the location of the family. She may be able to meet with you in as little as 48 hours.

 Do you come to my home like Nanny 911 or Super Nanny?

Television programs like “Nanny 911” feature highly trained British nannies who enter the homes of families for extended durations, often a week or more, to address family issues. Annie the Nanny frequently draws comparisons to these television nannies, not only due to her British background and penchant for a good cup of tea but also because of her robust, warm, and integrative methods that have the potential to transform family dynamics. Nonetheless, there are notable distinctions between made-for-television interventions and real-life scenarios. For instance, Annie operates without the presence of television cameras, ensuring the utmost confidentiality in addressing your family’s challenges.

In a recent article, Annie thoughtfully explained the differences for those who may yearn for the simplicity of calling a “Nanny 911” hotline. While the television show involves the nanny residing in the home for extended periods, Annie says that the vast majority of her clients do not need her physical presence within their homes to achieve the same positive outcomes. She adeptly provides online parenting advice via platforms such as Skype or FaceTime, delivering results that are on par with in-person consultations. Drawing from her extensive training and over 30 years of experience in resolving parenting issues, Annie is able to figure out the pertinent aspects and ask the right questions that expedite the intervention process. Parents’ responses to her inquiries frequently offer a quicker route to resolution than waiting for their children to exhibit problematic behaviors.

In specific cases, families may express the desire for Annie to assume a more hands-on role and work with them in their home over an extended period. The motivations for this choice can vary, ranging from the need for additional support and guidance due to the absence of other family support systems to the simple comfort of having Annie’s physical presence. For more detailed information on this option, we encourage direct contact with Annie.

Annie’s Support Packages FAQ

How will Annie’s online parenting advice and support service help?

By working with Annie the Nanny, you’ll not only benefit from her knowledge and experience and her help to guide you through any challenge, but you will also come away with a huge increase in your own confidence. Often, just by being able to troubleshoot, you realize that your instinct was there all along, pointing you in the right direction. You’ll realize that you can do it! Annie will take the time to support you and help you discover your inner confidence. She will meet with you face-to-face via Skype or other online platform (or telephone if preferred). She can help you with any issue, from your child’s behaviour at school to how to help your child move forward from a personal setback. Perhaps you want advice on how to handle a meltdown or assistance with other behaviours such as lying, biting, or sibling fighting.

Annie’s online parenting support is conveniently accessible through Skype, phone, or email, offering you the flexibility to seek guidance in a manner that suits your preferences.  She is able to provide you with valuable assistance and peace of mind, particularly when you have questions or uncertainties. These inquiries could be anything from addressing specific behaviours to seeking advice on how to navigate complex situations involving your child’s peers or school.

Please note: The first half-hour of your one-hour appointment will be dedicated to assessing and understanding your family dynamics so Annie has the background to be able to address your specific concerns.

How much is it to access Annie’s online parenting support?

All former behaviour intervention clients receive a 10% discount on Annie’s hourly rates. All hourly packages are respected for 2 years from the purchase date.

  • 1 hour =    $130.00/hour  (Each session requires a one hour minimum.)
  • 5 hours plus = $115.00/hour (Each session requires a one hour minimum.)

What Can I Discuss?

Anything really. Annie’s online parenting advice support packages are designed to empower you and fill you with confidence so you feel you can handle the parenting challenges that come your way. Perhaps your child has started to display a behaviour you’re not comfortable with. Perhaps they’ve just blown off steam at their teacher, and you’re not quite sure what to do. Perhaps they’ve hit a classmate or been bullied, and you’re unsure how to approach the teacher. Annie is there as a support for you, to talk over the problem and come to some resolution. It’s a fun, non judgmental collaborative process. Annie has been asked to come and stay with or live with many of the families she helps. Unfortunately, she can only be in one place at a time, but she is always appreciative of the offers!

Does Annie Offer Support Packages for Businesses?

Yes, she does.  Hours are available to be purchased by any group wishing to offer comprehensive parenting support services for their members and can be combined with an introductory seminar, if required (rate applies). Please see her other area related to group instruction for more information.

Apply for Annie's Behaviour Intervention or Parenting Support Service

Apply for Annie's Behaviour Intervention or Parenting Support Service

This form is strictly confidential and will only be reviewed by Annie the Nanny.

Please note: Annie primarily helps parents with children under the age of ten. (If the child displaying a behaviour issue is older than ten, Annie may be able to help, but that is determined on a case-by-case basis.)
Annie the Nanny responds to Behaviour Intervention Service or Parent Support Service requests within 48 hours.
Please note: Annie is available most days between 12- 5 p.m. PST to make initial phone calls. Please indicate if you have a time during that time window that works best for you.

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