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Welcome to my site!  

Hello, I’m Annie and  I’m really happy you’ve come to my site because when it comes to solving any and all children’s behaviour issues, I can help. If your children are aged between 0 – 7 and you’re anywhere in the world, from Canada/USA to Britain, from Australia to Greece and you have an internet connection and speak English, I can make can all those persistent annoying behaviours children display like temper tantrums and picky eating issues disappear once and for all, for ever.

Who am I?

I trained in the UK (NNEB) and I have over 25 years experience working with parents and kids.  In 2004, since starting my business,  I have been helping parents solve every kind of behaviour issue you can think of, from sleeping problems to temper tantrums to picky eating, biting, hitting and more. Along the way, I have become a keen study of human nature, looking at why children display behaviour issues, how to fix them and how to prevent them from showing up later.  I also appear regularly on CTV and in digital and print media and teach classes.

What can I do? 

The bottom line is that I can completely turn around children’s behaviour.  I do that through a 2 -3 hour consultation process by Skype or Face time.  It’s super easy and it works!  In just one consultation you can wave goodbye to all those behaviours that are driving you around the bend.  You’ll have confident, resourceful, resilient and happy kids and they’ll stay like that. This isn’t a short term fix.   We’re talking providing the kind of roots that will make your children grow in to happy and emotionally stable adults. You’ll learn everything you need to deal with behaviour issues, big or small and then you get a comprehensive set of notes to remind you, written just for you and your situation.  Here’s just a taste of what people have to say about me.

  • We followed your plan and have seen amazing results!
  • Thanks Annie for giving me my happy loving little boy back!!! Not to mention my sanity!
  • I truly feel that Annie has a gift, and her love for what she does really shows. She helped me realize a ton about myself and my family, and for that I am truly grateful….It’s really tough being a mom, especially when you are really outnumbered. So Thank You So Much Annie!
  • I do not have feelings of hopelessness as a parent anymore!
  • Thanks Annie the Nanny for being there and giving me the confidence I needed!…and many more, please see my testimonial page.

How can you help?

I can help in three ways:

  • A private consultation.  This is the most effective and direct method of help.  They can either be done in person in your own home or via Skype.  In home consultations need to be booked with significant lead time.  If you want immediate help, I would recommend the Skype option.
  • Seminars/Classes; for larger groups. By appointment and again must be booked with sufficient lead time.
  • A free letter writing service, please see my FAQ page at the bottom.

What next?

If you’d like  to book an appointment, please contact me either on my ‘contact me’ page or via the comment form near the end of this page (or any page on the site).  Also, I encourage you to visit my FAQ  page as many of the most common questions about the process are answered there.   Please also enjoy the rest of the site which comes with an entertaining blog, letters from parents from all over the world where I help with common issues and much more.  Last but not least join me as a Facebook friend and get entertaining posts sent your way.  I wish you all the best in your parenting adventures and thanks for joining me here at the site.   Annie





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    Hi Sam,
    You sent me an email but the return address isn’t working. If you see this note please call me at 403 836-5437 to get in touch or use the contact me page.
    Thanks Annie


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Featured Letter…

My kid throws her food on the floor and won't listen.

not listening girl

Hi Annie,

My kid won't listen.   She is 19 months.  She throws her food on the floor after eating and won't stop no matter what I do.  She is starting to hit and won't say sorry afterwards.  She is quite the stubborn cookie!  She is a great, happy girl though.  Thanks Rowena.

Hi Rowena,

That’s great to hear you have such a happy little girl and you’ve asked a really great question because your little girl is between phases so to speak and a lot of parents have difficulty negotiating the changes between what’s needed for one phase and what’s needed for another.

As babies move in to toddlerhood they enter their first major change in life.  They are driven to find out more about their world and to see where they fit in and just how much they can sway events around them.  However our society often mistakes this period as a drive for independence.  In one way it is but only in a very limited sense.  Toddlers don’t want to run things, they simply want the joy that comes with accomplishing simple tasks by themselves and for you to notice their growing abilities.  Somewhere generally between 18 months and two and a half, most children are driven to explore the confines of their world.  A big world with not enough firm boundaries feels unsafe and a toddler in that kind of environment is unhappy.  A world where everything is done for them as it was when they were a baby, is too confining.  The job of a parent of a toddler is to find the right ground.