The Chaos Of Raising Kids

Welcome to Annie’s Parenting Seminars 

Annie offers seminars both in person and by Skype to a broad range of groups.  These include business groups, community events, parenting,  play school, school and daycare groups or wherever where there is community of parents who can benefit from learning strategies for parenting success.  A wide range of topics are covered in Annie’s parenting seminars, with the goal being for participants to come away feeling confident as parents, with the ability to significantly reduce stress at home.

What’s included in a seminar?

Topics that are covered include:

  • The core needs of children.
  • The keys to successful parenting.
  • Practical step by step strategies to deal with all common behaviour difficulties covering temper tantrums, aggression, picky eating, potty problems, sleeping issues and more.
  • Sleeping, eating and what a predictable course of events mean to children.
  • Your child and technology. And lots more.

Annie’s Parenting Seminars

Annie’s seminars usually last between two to two and a half hours with time for questions.  You can expect to be entertained and at the same time get considerable insight in to what the real needs of children are.  This information will help you navigate being a parent at every age your child enters, giving you confidence as a parent going forward.  You’ll also get reminder notes to help you remember the key concepts.  A lot of people keep them on their fridge for years!

So I can have a seminar by Skype with a group of friends?  How does it work?

Small group Skype seminars are lots of fun for moms and dads and work in exactly the same way online as they do in person. The benefit is that Annie can speak to the needs of a smaller group.  It’s really just like having Annie in your living room.  You organize a group of friends or associates to be part of the Skype group call, split the cost and enjoy a fun sociable afternoon or evening learning how to make your parenting struggles disappear in the comfort of your own home.  The cost for group Skype seminars is $350 and general notes are provided to all participants.  Maximum of ten participants.  Ideal, six. Requirements:  Computer with video capability, Skype membership, decent bandwidth. 

Do you offer seminars to different groups?

Annie offers seminars wherever there are moms and dads in need of parent support and information.  That includes public and private events in schools, daycares, community groups, fairs or other events, charities and business.  If you are a non profit charity, please mention that to Annie that when you contact her.

Can you tell me more about what you offer for business?

Businesses need a reliable long term employee base and it goes without saying that a happy employee is a successful and more reliable employee.  The number one cause of the loss of particularly educated young women leaving the workplace is due to having children.  This exodus costs companies money, time and energy to train replacements.  Instead of losing valuable employees, companies can save significant costs by ensuring those employees don’t leave the workplace longterm by providing the right kind of parenting support program.  This helps parents of both sexes effectively manage the strains of work and home obligations, the current number one form of stress that employees face.  Parenting seminars and support have been shown to definitively increase both employee retention and loyalty.  Annie can help reduce employee stress significantly by teaching effective parenting techniques that will leave those parents in a much happier and more confident state.  She also provides guidance notes to all participants to take home and a plan of action to follow.  She can be contacted for services through the contact page.

Annie also offers additional support packages that can be purchased in bulk by business.  Please see my parenting support page for package information and costs.  These services are designed to be redeemed for personal phone or Skype support for company members only.   They provide significant benefit for any family, whether it is the ability to access support when needed or for those who are experiencing challenging behaviour with their children and need immediate and practical help.  Dealing with challenging behaviour at home often adversely impact the work performance of those affected, through no fault of their own. By providing timely supportive services in a crisis, employers can create significant good faith and loyalty.   Please contact Annie for further details.

What age should children be for their parents to benefit from these seminars?

That is an important question to ask and it’s very applicable.  Annie’s methods are very effective with toddlers, pre-schoolers and early elementary school children up to about age eight or nine. Although the principals of what you need to do are the same if you have a sassy twelve year old versus a difficult three year old, the way you have to deal with it is different.  Dealing with behaviour issues with older children is more difficult because their lives are more complex.  They have peer groups, who as they age, take on an increasing importance  and as a result of this and other factors, their issues need to be tackled in a different way.  That’s why these seminars are most effective in stopping troublesome behaviours in children from 0 – 8.   If you’re a parent or a business with employees who have children in this age-group, you’ll find this a useful and productive seminar.

In what locations does Annie do seminars?  Will she travel?

Annie the Nanny does travel to do seminars, although travel costs will apply.  If you’re a community group and paying for travel costs are out of reach and you would like to benefit from Annie’s expertise, she may be able to combine a visit to your group when she next travels to your city.  Please get in touch with her personally.  The costs of seminars are dependent on the location desired and the type of group involved.  Please contact Annie personally here for more information.

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